Woodfold Roll Up Doors combine aesthetic appeal as well as practical security that doesn’t break the bank. Each segment of these commonly referred to counter shutters are handcrafted of solid hardwoods and deliberately finished to match or integrate with any décor or building detail. Whether you are working to ensure safety and security at a bank or a living complex, or looking to disguise a wet bar or other add-on in a home, wood overhead coiling are an economical and clean solution for any area. For a combined outcome, a custom-made accordion door may be a suitable addition to a project as well.

Residential Wood Roll Up Doors

These roll up doors provide a sophisticated style and worry-free maintenance at the same time for residential areas. Whether you are searching to sneak in an entertainment center smoothly into a common gathering place, conceal a room, or create a clean-looking treatment for another area of a home, these doors are the ideal solution. Plus, when it comes to flexibility in design and style, our custom options in both construction and finishings can accommodate any taste.

Commercial Wood Roll Up Doors

From private areas in hotels and office spaces to public areas such as restaurants and bars, these roll up doors are creatively custom-crafted to divide a wide variety of commercial spaces. Built with a great amount of industrial strength and durability, with each component sealed and expertly finished, these doors can provide a vast array of solutions for churches, schools, offices and more. Plus, choose from unique operation selections, woods and finishes.

Roll Up Security Door Series Details

  • Heights: Custom made to 8′
  • Widths: Custom made to any width up to 12′
  • Operation: Manual, Manual Crank, or Electric Motor Driven
  • Materials: Oak, Maple, Birch, Mahogany or Cherry
  • Finish: Special matched stain, clear finish or unfinished is standard
  • Security Latches: Keylocks, thumb turns or slide bolts
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