Woodfold Custom Accordion Doors

Woodfold accordion doors can define and divide a variety of spaces. Whether you need to divide separated areas into a more open, people-friendly space, increase floor space, help reduce flustering noise or open up door space, you will not find a more suitable, economical and foolproof solution than a custom crafted Woodfold Accordion Door. These doors are perfect for any environment, from homes to office buildings to public venues. A smooth functionality makes for worry-free and easy maintenance and their lasting durability and smooth operation make them an efficient and cost-effective choice when it comes to accordion doors.

Residential Accordion Room Dividers

These custom doors can accommodate a variety of residential spaces. College dorms, a family game room, a large recreation area at home, you name it, you will have a challenging time finding a more accommodating door than the Woodfold Accordion door. This door is a huge space saver that also appeals more to the eye. Our panel systems are durable, reliable and will suit the desired aesthetics of a residential space.

Commercial Accordion Room Dividers

Commercial locations can also be better utilized with accordion doors. Separate space efficiently in an office, turn down the volume of a crowded restaurant, reconfigure a meeting room…these are a just a few of the options possible with shaping commercial spaces with Woodfold Accordion Doors. The design is not only visually pleasing as well as practical, but also operates smoothly with hardware hinge system.

Custom Accordion Door Details

  • Heights: Custom made up to 12’
  • Operation: Manual
  • Materials: MDF, Birch, Maple, Oak, Cherry, Mahogany, Walnut, Alder, Teak
  • Finish: Hardwood, vinyl, paint, stain, decorative laminates, wall coverings, custom logos and murals
  • Security Latches: Keylocks, thumb turns or slide bolts
For technical information go to: Woodfold small logo