The groundbreaking SkyVault Series gives you ultimate daylighting control. By mixing and matching components, you can enhance light capture, control the focus and create dynamic designs in large volume spaces with high, open ceilings…all with just one system.
  • Delivers more light to meet illumination requirements
  • Provides maximum output with minimum impact on building envelope
  • Can be tailored for specific project needs
  • Reduces installation costs

Open Ceiling M74 DS

The Solatube M74 DS is the core of the SkyVault Series, and is available with the following pre-assembled configurations:
  • Single-glazed dome assembly
  • Single-glazed dome assembly with security guard
  • Dual-glazed dome assembly
  • Dual-glazed dome assembly with security guard
Tube size ≈ 29 in. (74 cm)
Potential tube length ≈ 100 ft. (30 m)


  • Airports
  • Convention centers
  • Hospitality
  • Warehouse & Industrial
  • Retail
  • Military


The SkyVault Collector makes it possible to capture significantly more daylight than traditional skylights without heating the building interior. Featuring proprietary Raybender HD, LightTracker and Cool Tube Technologies, the vertical collector:
  • Maximizes daylight delivery by capturing and redirecting low-angle light down ward into the system
  • Minimizes solar heat gain by preventing heat-carrying infrared rays from entering the system


The Solatube M74 DS Amplifier significantly improves the delivery of daylight in high bay and high ceiling applications. Featuring 36 highly reflective facets made of proprietary Spectralight® Infinity material, the cone-shaped amplifier:
  • Reorients daylight to the visual task plane in occupied areas
  • Converts daylight at inefficient angles into useable light for increased optical efficiency of diffuser technologies

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