Movable Walls – Acoustic Models

Skyfold Zenith is a custom manufactured, fully automatic, flat, rigid retractable wall system that provides vertically folding space division with excellent acoustic properties. Skyfold Zenith stores in the ceiling. No floor or wall tracks are required and there are no side storage pockets saving valuable floor space. The Zenith path of travel is as thin as the wall itself, permitting furnishings to be positioned in very close proximity to the wall. Repositioning furnishings between functions is not required. Silent and completely automatic, you can reconfigure your space in minutes with a simple turnkey operation. No manual labor is necessary. What used to take hours can now be achieved in minutes. There are three products offered in the Skyfold Zenith series. When you select Skyfold Zenith 48 you will benefit from the most economical option within our line of products, which still provides for excellent acoustic properties with a system tested STC of 48! You may opt for one of our premium models, the Skyfold Zenith 55 or the Zenith 60, which boosts the acoustic performance of the wall to a remarkable system STC of 55 and an unprecedented industry high system STC of 60. And don’t be fooled with panel STC versus system STC. Zenith 48, Zenith 55 and Zenith 60 test an impressive STC of 57, 61 and 66 respectively when it comes to panel testing. Skyfold publishes both the system test results as well as panel test results in order to ensure accurate comparison with other products on the market. The Zenith 48 is available in our standard vinyl or fabric panel finishes, while Zenith 55 and 60 are available in a wide array of finishes just like the Classic series. With no visible hinges or hardware, they are sure to meet all your esthetic design needs. In addition, the systems are light weight and exert a static load which will result in savings in structural steel. Zenith can be scaled to fit up to 48 foot lengths with ceiling heights up to 12 feet. Board rooms, offices, classrooms and cafeterias are just a few examples of spaces that can benefit from the Zenith line of products. Skyfold offers yet another solution to vertically folding retractable wall systems without compromising acoustics!
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