Panda – Lift and Slide Track Door System

European inspired design meets a uniquely engineered track door system. The Lift and Slide door system is a multi-slide system with track options that match the name of this product. With the use of a large leverage handle, the operator engages v-gasket seal at the top and bottom of the door by turning the handle to lock the door.

Using their own weight, these multi-slide panels use tighten, or compress, the seals thus forming a weather-tight structure when set up in a downward position. When this arrangement is switched to an upward position, the multi-slide door panels, weighing about 200 pounds, are able to be moved with a few pounds of pressure.

Four recessed options are available for the track system for this structure. A drain channel can either be included or not, and a 3/16” rail is the only track that is detectable with the eye. This rail extends from finished floor and is safe to walk on, bare-foot or not.

Materials Available for Multi-Slide Doors:

  • All Aluminum S.10
    • Ideal material for Lift & Slide door systems due to energy-savings and ideal sound insulation.
  • All Aluminum IMPACT (IS.14)
    • This Lift & Slide can handle onerous hurricane and other rigorous testing standards.
  • All Aluminum Slim Profile (S.85)
    • This track door system incorporates a modern and sleek feel, ideal for mid to high-end homes, apartments, hotels and more.
  • Thermally Broken (TS.19)
    • This system is ideal for extreme climates and large, wide spaces. This structure provides spectacular thermal insulation and isothermal values.
  • Thermally Broken Slim Profile (TS.87)
    • This option expertly blends indoor and outdoor areas and includes a virtual wall with aluminum-framed panels.
  • Aluminum/Wood Clad (S.11)
    • The multi-slide door system features an aluminum exterior with a wood interior and is ideal for a home or for adding a warmer look to modern projects.
  • Aluminum/Wood Clad IMPACT (IS.14)
    • This hurricane rated system has an aluminum exterior with wood interior, offers top-notch weather resistance, hefty hardware for enhanced performance and more.
  • Aluminum/Wood Clad Thermally Broken (TS.13)
    • This system is extremely well insulated in order to provide energy savings as well as comfort in a commercial or residential space.
  • Solid Wood (S.12)
    • This multi-door system is crafted by hand and includes wood panels that provide functional as well as aesthetic benefits.
  • All Wood with Aluminum Core (S.15)
    • This track door system is specially designed in order to provide a great amount of stability and handle more weight all while maintaining a sleek appearance.
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