Panda – Horizontal Sliding Wall System

These Horizontal Sliding Wall Systems are multi panel door systems which slide along a single recessed channel track system. Multiple panels can span across a large opening without needing to stack on top of each other due to the track used in the system.

Independent panels make up the compositions which all combine and stack with one another when the system is open. These sliding glass doors can be joined to a like bi-fold system, but the hanging wheel sets are then in the middle of the panels so that weight distribution can be spread across more evenly.

Horizontal Sliding Wall System Options:

  • All Aluminum (HSW-51)
    • Created to form an “operable wall,” this sliding glass door system comes in larger-than-average sizes in order to cover spaces that span greater distances, but do not take up a great amount of extra space needed for storage.
  • Thermally Broken (HSW-TS60)
    • Quality and thermal performance are central when it comes to this system. An included thermal barrier is able to offer enhanced strength, higher performing acoustics, humidity control and energy savings.
  • Aluminum/ Wood Clad (HSW-74)
    • This European designed Horizontal Sliding Wall System is constructed for placement in high-end residential and light commercial applications.
  • Solid Wood (HSW-66)
    • Many wood offerings are available with this system of glass folding doors including pine, poplar, bamboo and exotic species.
  • Frameless (HSW.92)
    • This wall is the ideal solution when trying to create a modern, less prominently divided view. This Horizontal Sliding Wall can be used in a wide array of project types.
  • Frameless Slim Profile (S.91)
    • This folding door system incorporates a narrow profile and modern, sophisticated look that is excellent for enclosing patios, verandas and other outdoor areas.
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