Panda Folding Doors

Panda – Folding Door.

A folding door system allows you to extend an opening without needing to pocket the doors. These systems can either swing or stack inward or outward.

The glass folding doors include several panels and are built along a single track system. Ease of operation is enhanced because the header hoists the weight of the panels. This is possible even with several, rather large sets of panels.

Recessed U-Channel track options are offered for an ADA compliant and seamless transition from the interior to exterior spaces. These systems include integrated locking and operation devices. This helps to enhance the overall visual appeal of a space, making it look sleeker and sophisticated. These folding doors also come in a variety of finishes, glazes and more in order to create your ideal living area.

Panda Glass Doors Options:

  • All Aluminum (S.51)
    • These bi-folding door system utilize a extruded aluminum track, allowing them to fold seamlessly.
  • All Aluminum ULTRA (US.51)
    • When a great amount of both strength and maximum access is needed, these folding doors are the ideal choice. Perfect for hotels, restaurants, educational institutions and more.
  • Thermally Broken (TS.60)
    • These top-notch bi-folding systems for spacious openings are perfect for intense climates. These systems offer energy savings as well as durability.
  • Thermally Broken ULTRA (UTS.60)
    • For extreme or harsh climates with acute temperatures, Panda offers this bi-fold system that includes thermal break technology on both the frame and panels.
  • Aluminum/Wood Clad (S.74)
    • This option provides a lesser amount of maintenance by providing an aluminum clad finish, but also offers a warmer look with wood.
  • Aluminum Wood Clad Thermally Broken (TS.75)
    • These glass folding doors include an additional layer of insulation and heighted weather enforcement systems.
  • Solid Wood (S.66)
    • These wood Bi-Fold designs complement a warm décor and are constructed using the highest quality wood.
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