Unikmatic Indoor Sliding Glass Doors

Unikmatic bi-parting glass room dividers are meant to separate areas through synchronized indoor sliding glass doors that operate along a current wall. This minimalistic setup includes a compact and clear anodized track that holds panels that are up to 10’ tall. These seamlessly synchronized interior sliding glass room dividers can divide or open several spaces in a sleek and effortless manner while also providing a larger clearing of up to 8’-0”.

This unique configuration, part of the Klein collection, enables the operation of two sliders moving in opposite directions which allow the sliding glass doors to stack along two walls. This only requires half of the large opening that this system provides. A synchronized feature makes it possible for the doors to slide along at the same time, with no floor track required.

Interior Sliding Glass Door Room Divider Specifications

  • Fitting for office partitions and meeting rooms, lounges, bedroom passageways.
  • Minimalist design with a compact clear anodized track holding panels up to 10’ high.
  • Contemporary system for high end projects leaving a defined opening up to 8’-0”.
  • 90º corner opening option available.
  • Clipped valance for a fast and smooth installation.
  • Clean opening that does not require floor tracks.
  • Nominal gap between the doors and the wall to enhance aesthetic and acoustical features.
  • Glass panels held through high weight capacity pressure clamps with no glass drillings (use of tempered or laminated glass).
  • Pre-mounted and pre-tensed transmission system for a quicker and easier assembly.
  • 3/8” and ½” indoor sliding glass doors.
  • “Silver” anodized aluminum profile (AA10 ISO 7599, 10 microns).
  • Ball bearing system for muted and smooth opening.
For technical information go to: Klein small logo