Interior Sliding Glass Doors

Rollglass is constructed in a manner meant to separate areas. This is accomplished by combining both stationary and custom sliding glass doors that are frameless. The plentiful glass panels enable a greater amount of light into spaces, creating a modern and sleek aesthetic.

These interior sliding glass doors include tracks that are “silver mariner” anodized aluminum that can accommodate either light or heavy duty frameless sliding glass doors.

This system also has multiple options when it comes to mounting the doors. They can either be ceiling mounted with the track visible using the valence or comfortably recessed into the ceiling with a security strip. The side mounted solution solves a new, unique problem solver for bathtub and shower spaces.

These interior sliding glass doors and others from the Klein collection provide a variety of effective solutions to divide ambiences and easily create varying aesthetic appeals across spaces.

Custom Sliding Glass Doors Specifications

  • Ideal for office fronts, conference rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms entrances, showers enclosures, etc.
  • Minimalist design with a compact clear anodized track holding panels up to 10’ high.
  • Single extrusion to combine fixed and sliding glass panels for easier and faster installation.
  • Clipped valance for a quick installation.
  • Clean opening free of floor tracks.
  • Minimal gap between fixed and sliding panels to enhance aesthetic and acoustical features.
  • Glass panels held through high weight capacity pressure clamps with no glass drillings (use of tempered or laminated glass) for doors up to 385lbs.
  • Use of 3/8” and ½” glass doors.
  • Glass height adjustable by up to 5/32” for Rollglass 100.
  • “Silver Mariner” anodized aluminum profile (AA10 ISO 7599, 20 microns).
  • Ball bearing system for quiet and soft opening.
  • Stopper-brake for optimum closing.
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