Crown – SST-II Bi-folding Door System

This bi-folding door system opens vertically, creating an area of silently smooth access between spaces. Operated with just the push of a button, these bi-folding doors can very easily be retracted to allow for ambiences to flow across spaces, or extended to create a division between areas when needed.

The SST-II are hydraulically-operated bi-folding doors, which eliminates the need for straps, cables, locking devices and more. With the use of a hydraulic folding door system, safety is also enhanced because there are no longer pinch points that normally come with a device mechanism.

When it comes to operating these bi-folding doors, a remotely-located power unit can be placed at any location in a space to allow for a more seamless operation. Installation costs are also reduced due to the simplicity of the mounting frame on this folding door system. A narrow steel profile allows for a great amount of glass volume as well as clear visibility.

SST-II Bi-folding Door Benefits:

  • Variety of finish options
  • Multiple options for controls – up/down 2-button or key control
  • Additional safety measures such as remote transmitters, infrared photo eyes and more
  • Remote operations
  • Inside-sash and front-set glass retainer systems
  • Dual or single pane glazing
  • 24v DC battery back-up system
  • Power unit with motor and hydraulic fluid reservoir
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