Crown – Single-Swing Door System

This is the top-of-the-line Single-Swing hydraulic door system. This system is offered in a wide variety of sizes and has the largest clear opening height as well as faster operation speed. This single-swing door can satisfy and exceed the needs of many types of spaces, from industrial buildings to retail storefronts. This Single-Swing hydraulic door system completely opens outward, allowing for large parts to be moved in and out and also maximizing the available height. The speed is also adjustable depending on the type of setting that the door is located in, and includes a remotely-located power unit which provides a more sophisticated look. In addition to flexible speeds, this single-swing door also comes in flexible sizes. This hydraulic door system can meet the needs of a variety of spaces from a small restaurant to a vast storefront. All steel profiles are used as well for a greater amount of glass volume and higher levels of visibility.

Single-Swing Door Benefits:

  • Shipped with rust-resistant, red-oxide primer, ready for field finishing
  • Manual operation system in case of power failure
  • Locking mechanism security
  • Full perimeter weather seals
  • Remotely-powered operation unit
  • Precision welds at all frame joints
  • Floor track not required
  • Limit switches not needed with hydraulics
  • Integral mounting frame
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