Crown – 50/50 Hydraulic Doors

These patent-pending, hydraulically-operated doors combine the best features from the SST-II and Bi-fold models from Crown. The 50/50 system provides a smooth and seamless opening, does not take up a great amount of space when open, and also does not have hefty maintenance requirements.

The 50/50 hydraulic doors are perfectly suited for multiple areas, including commercial, residential and architectural.

The hydraulically-operated cylinders provide a clear panel face without interruptions and with no need for cables, springs and additional mechanisms. The cylinders, which are positioned vertically, are completely unexposed, along with the hoses. This enables a beautiful, seamless opening to look out through from multiple areas.

Another significant benefit of the 50/50 System is that it is completely maintenance free. Hinges and rollers are absent and pivot points utilize bearings that do not require upkeep. Safety is also enhanced due to the absence of pinch points, cable and counter-weight systems. A remotely-located power unit also allows for operations from anywhere in a space, thus adding a greater aesthetic and acoustical appeal for anyone occupying the space. In addition, narrow steel profiles allow for extra glass volume and visibility.

50/50 Hydraulic Door System Benefits:

  • Completely maintenance-free!
  • Shipped with rust-resistant, red-oxide primer, ready for field finishing
  • Manual lowering system in case of power failure
  • Locking mechanism that maintains secure placement
  • Full perimeter weather seals
  • Mounting frame that reduces loads
  • Precision welds at all frame joints
  • Floor track not required
  • No limit switches needed due to hydraulics
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