Space management and room design are being innovated by Modernfold’s new Acousti-Clear® glass wall partitions. This inventive system combines the sleek and modern aesthetics of aluminum and glass with sound separation.

The base requirement of using space efficiently and effectively merges with modern, elegant transparency. These two aspects are unified in perfect harmony when it comes to both acoustics and aesthetics. In addition, Acousti-Clear® acoustically rated glass partition systems have been laboratory tested to an industry leading 45 STC, displaying great partition acoustical control.

Acousti-Clear® Motorized

Acousti-Clear® Motorized dissolves setup issues with its ComforTronic® motorized seal system. As soon as one panel is in place, motorized top and bottom seals become activated in order to provide a perfect seal to heighten and maximize the quality of the acoustics.

These glass partitions come in singe panels and also with custom color and finish options, horizontal mullions, motorized venetian blinds can that be left down or up depending on your specific needs, and more.

Acousti-Clear® Automatic

Modernfold’s inventive seal system is a primary feature of the Acousti-Clear® Automatic glass partitions, and are also a more cost-aware choice. The seal system automatically puts together both the top and bottom seals. It does this by accelerating each panel forward into the connecting panel with no operation needed or buttons to switch.

These glass panels provide the ultimate level of flexibility, suitable for areas that may be more complex when it comes to their layout. Other perks to these glass wall partitions are that they available in both single and paired panel systems, and also come with an expandable panel that seals an opening, which allows for no visual interferences.

Acousti-Clear® Demountable

When it comes to workspaces, rarely nothing is ever set in stone. Change is office space needs, staffing, an updated design and more can all play a role in making changes to a space. Acousti-Clear® Demountable partitions can provide this flexible solution in workspaces. These glass partitions are configurable and can be transferred into essentially every office arrangement imaginable.

The flexibility seen in these glass partitions is something not often found. In additional to that, this system also provides acoustic control, something also not frequently seen in glass partitions. Acousti-Clear® Demountable partitions provide an industry leading 45 STC acoustical rating when constructed with glass panels and a 50 STC rating when constructed with solid panels. These partitions easily fit into a variety of spaces and also come with a wide array of finish options such as Satin Stainless Aluminum, Powder Coats and more.

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